The Lighthouse Youth Ministry acts as a branch of the Body of Christ. Our goal as a ministry is to disciple, provide support, and fellowship with all students we are able to minister to. We are servants of the one true God and our purpose is to do as follows: serve Him the way He would serve the students of the Clark County area.
Youth Group Service
Wednesday’s 6:30-8:00pm
Bring your youth to the Lighthouse Church on Wednesday nights! These evenings consist of a game, a time of worship, and then fellowship through small groups or listening to a speaker. High school and middle school age welcome.
One Conference
Late February
This is a fun and engaging worship conference held by Mannahouse Church for the youths all around the Pacific Northwest, California, and even Canada! 
Youth Retreat
Late July/ early August
A weeklong retreat we do every year where we worship, teach the youth about the Bible, and grow together.
Labor Day Picnic/Baptisms
Labor Day
A picnic the whole church takes part in at Lewisville park. We do baptisms there and the youth are more than welcome to give their lives to Jesus.
Progressive Dinner
Late November
Let us take care of dinner for an evening! This is a dinner we do for the youth around Thanksgiving where we go to the houses of different church members and receive a portion of a meal. By the end of the night we have a complete meal.
Christmas Party
We put on a simple Christmas party for the youth. It’s an opportunity to celebrate together and have a fun activity such as white elephant or a cookie decorating competition! 
Volunteer Events
Throughout the year
The youth will participate in several volunteer opportunities throughout the year. This could be be helping out with the church’s annual Harvest Party or serving the homeless throughout the year. 
Fun Events
Throughout the year
Movies, hiking, game nights, and more!
Check our Youth Group FB page for current meeting times and places.