What is Church Like? Like many churches, things aren’t always the same every Sunday. We try to get people involved so there will usually be several people from the congregation who have been asked in advance to pray, read, or help in some way. This isn’t something you will be expected to do… but we find that people get to know others in the church when they see their faces. With that said, it’s always a good idea to plan on sticking around after service because you’ll have a chance to meet people.

Will I feel comfortable? Yes, if you like people and no if you’re hunting for a perfect church. Churches are made up of real, and sometimes struggling people. Here at the Lighthouse we know what the phrase means: “those who have been forgiven much love much.” The one perfect person at our church is Jesus. He came to give us life, not guilt. If you’re looking you’ll probably find him there! Our job isn’t to make Jesus palatable but real and applicable.

What about money? Will you be asked to give? What’s in your heart is between you and God. And, yes, you will hear about money – the main reason is because it keeps people wrapped up in independence and lack of trust in God. Don’t let fear about money keep you away. God wants your heart. You get to determine if it’s time to give what is best for you.

What about dress? Come as you are. If you see someone in a suit, most likely you’ll see someone very casual on the other side of them. We want everyone to focus on what’s important – loving God and loving our neighbors.

What about kids? We have ’em and we love ’em. In fact, the first Sunday of every month is their service – they are in with the adults. There is nursery and full childcare for all services on that and all other Sundays.
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     KIDS Sunday School
    Bible Warriors Club for kids! Sept – May
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