Why We Pray
Of all the things Christians were created to do, prayer is among the most important: Jesus prayed all the time. So we like to make a priority of prayer in several ways.
How We Pray
Every Sunday we pray for three churches in the area. We’ve been doing this since 1988 and it is a regular part of our church services.
24 Hour Prayer Focus and 1-7 day fasts: Usually two or three times per year we host a 24 hour prayer time where all of the people who attend the church come throughout the day and take 30 or more minutes to stand the gap and pray for a specific objective. Sometimes we do this in concert with a 1-7 day fast that each person is welcome to determine on their own.
If You Need Prayer
Prayer Chain and Requests: You can immediately have prayer cover or participate in praying for others by connecting with the Prayer Chain. Please use the contact form here submit prayer requests.
Elder’s Prayer Ministry: If you’re sick, our spiritual leadership team called “Elders” are willing and available to come visit you and pray for you as they are challenged to do in Scripture. Please let us know if we can serve you by calling or emailing The Lighthouse Church office.